Folk remedies to strengthen teeth and gums

MaskFolk remedies to strengthen teeth and gums much, however It is possible to always pick the rightly and use them at home.Regular saline is able to eliminate a unpleasant tasting, odor - even in smokers, and to strengthen the gums and teeth. It is necessary to prepare a resolution - 1 des.l. Salt in a glass of water and rinse their mouths at night.Strengthens a gums and teeth powder peel eggplant. Peel should be dried in a oven, mash in a coffee grinder, append 1 tbsp the resulting powder glass of stewing water for a while, drain and throw in sol - 1 tsp. This line-up some minutes a day, rinse a mouth.Oak bark has long been known among the people so a means of terminating a bleeding of a gums. Bark (TWO parts) and lime color (1 part) is mix, pour 1 tsp. Mixing of a glass of boiled h2o, cooled and filtered. Rinse the mouth 2-3 minutes daily.In gingivitis and bad breath alcohol tincture of St. John's wort helps. Chopped herbs (1 tbsp) pour? liters of alcohol or vodka, sealed and insist 7 days. A compote of taking 40 drops on? cups water, 2 minutes a day, for a week.After the meal, It is possible to rinse a mouth with a mixture of white wine (1 cup) of juice and horseradish (1-TWO tsp.) Grate horseradish and juice extract from it.A decoction of burdock strengthens the gums and freshens breath grass (1 teaspoon) pour boiling h2o (200 ml), boiled for TWO-3 min over poor heat, pushing for an hour, strain and rinse a mouth TWO-3 times daily.A great therapeutic capacity has the following juice: rose petals (rose hips), mint leaves, flowers, willow-herb assorted in equal parts, pour 1 tbsp collection of coldness water (200 ml), bring to a boil, pushing some 2 hours, strain, add a some mummy (4-5 grams) and a resulting compositions, rinse mouth some minutes a day.More goodness for the gums grapefruit juice - it strengthens them and even heals ulcers. For enamel grapefruit juice is harmful, however that it does not hit a teeth, gums used for lubrication with a soft brushing.Plantain juice safer: you may be periodically rub the gums, or cook with this herb infusion and rinsing a mouths.Weak gums will become stronger, and the teeth will cease to wander, if any day there is fresh garlic, good chewing it - at least in one small clove.One of best folk remedies to eliminate bad breath is the compote of wormwood. Dry grass (1 tsp.) brewed with boiling water (TWO cups), insist 20 min and filtered. Rinse your mouth 3-4 times daily.Infusion of leaves is used so a turnip with periodontitis, and when starting bleeding from the gums, how good how for a prevention of dental caries. Turnip greens crushed, pour 20 g glass of boiled water, 0.5 an hour and used for rinsing.Strengthen the gums, have rid of the inflammation of the mouth and bad odor is possible, if ofttimes chew calamus root or good leaves primrose - a simple tool, but gives excellent effect.Like articles:Cover Facial in a salonCover Masks and face care and hairCover Face care after peeling.

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