Brushing a teeth to their well-being

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MaskSo as do you brush your teeth? If no problems, so just clean out them nicely however it should be - in a right and evening, and at night it is necessary to do a good. We, on the contrary, polish your teeth in a first when you have to go to work and be beautiful, and in the evening we clean out hit or miss (and at times forget), and Buchan's sleep, how the force is only enough to have to bed. Bacteria as well get accumulated for the day, do not go to sleep - you are all night feasting and multiply actively, managing to bring the teeth in a reasonable much of damage - and this has happened repeatedly.Rightly chosen toothbrush should be slightly convex, with a prominent relief bristles and want not be too mild, but tough, too: it need be tough enough to prevent a formation of plaque and tartar. If your gums are sensitive, and the enamel of the teeth is damaged, It is possible to buy a baby brush and seriously address the dental medication, contact the person: enamel must be in ordering.Change the brushing should be no less than once each 3 months - if you brushing your teeth 3 minutes a day, but if you limit brushing teeth in the right and evening, it is possible and every 5 weeks, although it is perfect to ofttimes. Sanitize your toothbrush does not hurt: it can be water-washed in a solution of salt or hydrogen peroxide, how rightly however to keep out of direct sunlight - the bacteria do not survive.Alike articles:Mask Effective masks for faseCover Facial skin leaving upon childbearingCover Facial cream. . Read more -->


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MaskTooth pain can occur suddenly - it is known to almost every woman. Well, if at this time we are not at work and at home, and as well possess a opportunity to immediately go to the dentist, but this is not ever the case. Most often it happens that a medic can alone be accessed on a following day, but may not tolerate a toothache. Many people in this situation are beginning to put pills - the which are caught by the arm, trying to get rid of the pain.Toothache Remedies: pillsWhat pills may help a toothache, and you need to pick up into account in your treatment? You can take the famous analgin, ketanov, baralgin, Nurofen, deksalgin. These drugs, besides the pain, cut inflammation, but should attentively read a leads before you pick up a pill.Similar posts:Cover Masks and face care of the peelingCover Face winterCover Masks for fase. . Read more -->

Hygiene teeth. How to return and maintain the health of teeth

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CoverA fine smile that done currently call Hollywood, is extremely pop with a lot of of us, but how it goes, we do not wish to To think of for about reason. It's not even that we do not same to go to a dentist - a "star" whose white teeth we same however much, just frequently use your services - and that and take service of a teeth at home we do not require a excuse that we have not the time. And indeed, any working girl spends much more time to make up, manicure and haircut than dental attention, that's fine, is not it a teeth and do not want so much - you want at least learn how to clean them meticulously and a issue immediately becomes littler.Resembling posts:Cover Facials and masks of the 40 at homeCover Daily leaving of the facial skin and bodyMask Skin care and neck skin. . . . Read more -->


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CoverBrushing the teeth must be regular toothbrushes. To massotherapy a gums suitable brushing with gentle fibers, elongated along a outer edge. If you closefitting teeth and, however a consequence, ofttimes caries 'tween teeth with brush fibers using various levels and better - electric toothbrush, with a considerable rotating speed. Science does not stand still new achievement sonicheskie dental brush that may polish even a most inaccessible places. Do not forget to polish the surface and language.Alike posts:Mask Facials and masks at homeMask Skin care '24Cover Skin care face is dry. . Read more -->

Ketanov - pills for toothache

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CoverKetanov recommended for single apply and is active in 1/2 an hour. Numbing effect lasts for some 6 hours. If a pain comes back, and once again becomes unbearable, you can possess some pill, but more ketanov should not be accepted. The tablet may also be put on the tooth. Contraindications are almost a like as that of baralgina.Alike posts:Cover Skin care of the 25 yearsMask Facials fall and winterMask Facial. . Read more -->

As to whiten the teeth at home

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MaskCleaned and healthy teeth be particularly nice when you can be white to whiten the teeth at home? You can, so, be aware that the fillings, crowns and other non-native items of a tooth will not change its color. Potential to achieve best capacity you will enjoy to be replaced however well.The most affordable ways to make your teeth whiter is a toothpaste, toothbrush and fluid rinse mouth. You will polish the teeth. Using a whitening toothpaste will give the best effect, but remember that for a long time to use whitening toothpaste is not desirable, often you claim to pick up breaks.There are as well limited whitening strip. They contain a limited gel which promotes bleaching. So part of pads used the same preparation how in dentistry, but in lower concentrations. Read more -->

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